Aesthetics & Beauty

In this last few years, the Aesthetic & Beauty Sector in the UK has grown substantially which is why we here at SAS have created a division just for the Aesthetics & Beauty Businesses.

Due to the complexity of the sector, especially the VAT,  SAS focus purely on the accounting for Aesthetics & Beauty Industry and can offer a unique & bespoke Accounting Service, giving you a rounded business advisory package.

Words from our owner:

“Since returning from maternity leave, I have been working closely within the Aesthetics & Beauty industry. I have never met so many inspirational, and utterly ambitious, women (and men). The whole industry fills me with such a new passion for my work now becoming Yorkshire’s, The Humber’s and now Manchester’s market leader for Accountancy in the industry.

SAS offer masterclasses for businesses and freelancers in the Aesthetics (both Medics & Non- Medics) and the Beauty industry. For further information join our Tax Clinic on Facebook.

It is all very exciting”