Accounting For Women – Starter Kit for Financial Success

Getting to grips with accounting and bookkeeping is one of the biggest struggles that new business owners face. That’s why Samantha Senior, founder of the Aesthetics Accountant and SAS Senior Accounting Services, has launched a new starter package to empower women in business.

Of course, in an ideal world, all new business owners would be able to hire an accountant straight off the bat, but unfortunately this isn’t always possible for those operating on a tight budget.

What’s more is that it is possible for entrepreneurs to successfully manage their own accounts while their businesses are still relatively small and simple.

Recognising this, Samantha decided that it was time to create a new product to empower female business owners who are not yet ready to outsource their accounting and bookkeeping, but don’t know where to start when it comes to doing it themselves.

The starter pack is designed to build good habits from day one and enable business owners to know their numbers at all times.

“The whole ethos behind this is prevention rather than cure,” Samantha explains. “We don’t want to wait three years until somebody needs an accountant. We want to get everybody on the right track from the get-go.”

And with Making Tax Digital looming on the horizon for income tax, this is more important than ever.

Currently, Making Tax Digital (MTD) is only compulsory for VAT-registered businesses, but in April 2024, the program will be extended. This means that all businesses will have to use MTD-compatible software to keep records and submit income tax returns.

Although this change is still over a year away, businesses need to get their affairs in order now to avoid any stressful surprises down the line. It’s best to get ahead of the game and learn how to stay on top of your numbers now in order to be fully prepared by the time MTD for income tax takes effect.

That’s why the starter pack, which is priced at £200, includes an hour of one-on-one training with Samantha in order to get business owners set up with Sage, learn the basics of bookkeeping and ensure that they are MTD-complaint. They will also learn how to use Auto Entry in order to automate data entry into their accounting software, which saves time, money and stress.

The starter package also offers business owners a huge discount off of their Sage subscription fee. Typically, Sage costs £24-30 per month but with the SAS starter pack, this fee will be reduced to just £6. This represents a saving of £168-£204 per year. (The starter pack itself includes other fabulous discounts and a £100 cash incentive from TIDE bank)* T&Cs apply

Sage is one of the UK’s most popular accounting software programs and is fully MTD compliant. This means that businesses using Sage will not have to make any changes to their bookkeeping processes when MTD comes into effect.

Samantha has also launched a detailed bookkeeping journal which will enable business owners to get to grips with day-to-day bookkeeping tasks so that they never fall behind, this available on Amazon.

Business owners will also gain access to all of the necessary tutorials from Sage and Auto Entry, and can then use their one-on-one hour with Samantha to tailor the software to their own needs and ask more in-depth questions.

It’s also not necessary for business owners to use the hour straight away, or all at once; they can wait until they have a quiet moment or need help with a specific task.

The starter pack is specifically designed for women who want to take control of their finances and know their numbers in real time. It’s not about doing the books once a quarter or once a year, it’s about having real-time information available so that they know exactly what’s happening in their business and how profitable they are at any given moment. After all, knowledge is power.

By keeping on top of their accounts from the very beginning, female business owners will gain the financial clarity they need to make better decisions and lay the foundations for success.